Our mission, at Julianna Grace Ministry, is to provide grieving baskets to mothers or families who have lost babies due to miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant loss. We provide baskets with books, information, resources, and comfort items such as music, necklaces, candles, etc. items that help families cope with and process the loss of a baby. When people hear that someone they love has lost a baby many want to do something to help with the grieving process but don’t know what to do, this ministry helps with that need. We are able to let friends and family know what to buy or what to say. This ministry is a Christ centered. Our greatest desire is to help grieving parents and families find their hope and peace in Jesus Christ.

​​This ministry was founded by Lisa Rowell in honor of Julianna Grace, her precious little girl who was born still. In early September of 2013, Lisa was five months pregnant when her baby, Julianna Grace, quit moving. She gave birth to her baby girl on the September 9th. A woman dropped off a grieving basket at the hospital and left. The items in the basket gave Lisa hope and encouragement during her grieving process. Lisa was inspired to do the same for other grieving families and hopes to share the same comfort she has received.